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Livestock Conservancy Classifieds

New Listings!

Gloucestershire Old Spots Piglets Gloucestershire Old Spots Piglets VA
American Buff Goslings American Buff Goslings VA
4 year old doe with buckling NC
4 St Croix Rams 4 St Croix Rams VA
Black Scottish Highland Bull Black Scottish Highland Bull NC
Santa Cruz Island sheep fleeces Santa Cruz Island sheep fleeces CA
Spanish does for sale Spanish does for sale NC
Livestock Managaer MD
Gloucestershire Old Spots Piglets Gloucestershire Old Spots Piglets VA
Pet Oberhasli's for sale NC



Welcome to The Livestock Conservancy's Classifieds site! Browse through listings to find heritage breeds and products. Who is The Livestock Conservancy? We're America's leading organization working to save nearly 200 heritage breeds from extinction.

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Conservation Champions

Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support The Livestock Conservancy.

Your monthly gift of:

  • $4 - can help create breeding strategies for the most critically endangered breeds to avoid or slow inbreeding.  Breeds such as Cleveland Bay horses, Santa Cruz sheep, and Holland chickens will benefit from these breeding recommendations.
  • $10 - can help pay for DNA testing of newly discovered populations such as heritage sheep and goats on Hawaii.
  • $25 - can help offset the cost of maintaining breed registries – so vital in giving an accurate picture of purebred breeding.  (Registries we maintain: Ossabaw Island hog, Hog Island sheep, Santa Cruz sheep and horses, and Marsh Tacky horses)
  • $50 - can help us do educational workshops, presentations, and exchange ideas at events around the country to provide farmers (and chefs!) with the tools they need to be good stewards of rare and heritage livestock.
  • $125 - helps us build a network of farmers helping farmers. For example, when we train new farmers in a Veterans Workshop, partner farmers enhance the Veteran’s chance of success.

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